Welcome “Local First” Folks!

You can view a section of the encaustic prints in Durango at Ultimate Mountain Living 858 Main Ave. Tori Williams is a local artist who lives and works in La Plata County. Her monotypes are featured and offered though the 2018 Locals First program. Buy any full sized Encaustic Monotype either framed or unframed and receive one 8″x10″ monotype of your choice – Free.

You can view additional selections on this website, Encaustic Monotypes on Paper. 

Looking for something different in color scheme?
Feel free to contact me if you are looking for different color combinations, I am happy to help you.


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Artist Statement

Gesture and Communication Series
The focus of my latest work explores typewritten communication; black text upon white paper and specifically I address the collective over use of the font Arial.
It is from this perspective that I have moved into the gesture of communication, via the simple conveyances of the hand; the instruction, the request. Gestures are the subtler side of communication that fascinate me. There seems to be a fundamental link between written and gestural communication that relies heavily upon individual interpretation and influenced by place and time.

About Encaustic Painting

Encaustic painting is an ancient form using molten bees wax and the addition of traditional dry pigments onto board. The Greeks use this method to create funerary masks and decorate their boats with vivid colors. In the 60’s Jasper Johns began reviving the style into modernism. To date most encaustic is done on a hard surface using board. What makes this work different is that it is done onto paper. The work you see before you is a monoprint and each are one of a kind, an original. These are created using my specially mixed ratio of dry pigment to wax to create a painting stick. These sticks are then used to draw onto a heated anodized aluminum plate and then worked by hand to create each unique piece. Rives BFK heavyweight paper is used to lift the painting off the anodized aluminum to then complete the process.