Gesture as Communication

The focus of my latest work explore communication specifically in typewritten form; black text upon white paper and specifically I address the collective over use of the font Arial. It is form the perspective that I have moved into the gesture as communication, via the simple conveyance of the hand; the instruction, the request. Gestures are the subtler side of communication that fascinates me. There seems to be a fundamental link between written and gestural communication that relies heavily upon individual interpretation and influenced by place and time.


Encaustic Monotype

These prints have been created using graphite powder which is added as pigment to filtered bees wax creating the black paint. Some prints may include added encaustic metallic paint; German silver and or pewter. Each of the following Monotypes are part of a larger grouping of 60 that had been crafted specifically for the 2015 CSArt Colorado program.