Introduction to Encaustic Monotype – Workshop – February 6th 2016

This workshop with explore the encaustic monotype process.

About the encaustic monotype – excerpted from R & F Paints:

“Images can be created directly on a heated palette and then lifted onto a piece of paper much the same way that a monotype is made in printmaking. The benefit to creating encaustic monotypes is that once you lift your paper and it cools there is no drying time. This process has an immediacy to it that many others do not. You can pull multiple prints in a relatively short amount of time.”

The purpose of this class is to expose students to a wide variety of papers, tools, processes, and ideas connected to producing encaustic prints, and to engage students in varied technical processes with an emphasis on adapting those processes to expanding their own unique visual language. Students will begin by learning the basics and variables of the encaustic monotype: heat, paint, paper, and pressure. They will then progress to exploring techniques such as using additive and subtractive processes, trace monotype, stenciling, and varied advanced techniques that explore how to control line, placement, color, and saturation. These techniques will allow students to fine tune and nuance their printed images. Students can expect to create a wide variety of prints during this class, encompassing a varied range of technical and intuitive process.

Saturday February 6th @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Price: $130.00 per person.
$25 Material fee

Please remit a $50 non-refundable deposit by February 1st to register
and you can use the handy PayPal button below! The balance will be due upon start of class.

Class is limited to 4 students

Location: Sweet 11 Gallery

 863 1/2 Main Ave, Suite 11
Durango, CO 81301

Tori’s Cell phone: 360-317-7685

Your deposit of $50 will be your registration into the workshop.



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